Voice of the Sales Force Survey Results


We recently surveyed nearly 800 sales managers and reps to better understand what they need to succeed in 2018. One of the top needs for growing accounts is better content to support cross-selling and upselling.

Every organization wants their people to cross-sell and upsell, but too few offer the formula to enable success.

Successful cross-selling and upselling begins by delivering on promises set during the initial sale, but continues through additional products, services or solutions that solve problems and unlock value for the customer. Ideally, there are synergies across your solution set to make your relationship with clients even more compelling.

The best cross-selling organizations connect the dots across their product set to help their sales and customer success teams understand how solutions fit together and create value. They bring this roadmap to life through content such as use cases and customer interviews that sales and success teams can leverage to create and close cross-selling opportunities.

Reviewing how you quantify and express the value of your solutions will enable you to see the problems you’ve solved for your customers and how you’ve made a difference in their businesses. This exercise provides direction to your marketing teams for creating useful success stories and content that will better support cross-selling and upselling.

We invite you to download the report, and use it to help inform your 2018 sales planning and budgeting activities. If you have any questions, please contact us.


SPI, Sales Performance Review

Sales Performance International (SPI) is a global sales performance improvement firm dedicated to helping the world's leading corporations elevate their sales relationships and drive measurable, sustainable revenue growth and operational sales performance improvement.

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Voice of the Sales Force

This valuable survey report enables you to make more informed investments that improve performance, and achieve the results you expect.


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