Voice of the Sales Force Survey Results


We recently surveyed nearly 800 sales managers and reps to better understand what they need to succeed in 2018. One of the top needs for creating more demand is strong brand awareness.

The competitive landscape in most B2B industries is changing faster than ever. Venture capital is plentiful and disruptive new players seemingly emerge everyday. This makes it more difficult for you to stay top-of-mind with buyers and stand out as a trusted partner, but you can’t give up. Being “out of sight and out of mind” creates some real challenges for your sellers.

Investing in brand building becomes even more challenging as CMOs face pressure to account for every dollar of investment. Demand generation activities, such as paid search, are very favorable because it is easy to track impact and the payoff is immediate. However, brand influences how people search and the keywords they use. It’s important to continue to invest in activities that build favorable brand, even if the payoff is longer-term and harder to track.

Every employee in an organization is now a brand ambassador, and should be trained to act like one. Your sales people can’t rely solely on marketing, and should be expected to incorporate basic micro-marketing activities that build brand awareness in their regions or industries.

We invite you to download the report, and use it to help inform your 2018 sales planning and budgeting activities. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Dario Priolo
Dario Priolo, Chief Marketing Officer

Dario is SPI's Chief Marketing Officer and Demand Generation practice leader. He has over 15 years experience running marketing and demand generation functions in global sales and human capital consulting firms, and consulting with professional services and technology clients on these matters.

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