Research shows that healthcare sales organizations are misaligned with the market needs and expectations. A survey conducted by KPMG summarized the state of most life sciences organizations as follows:

“Life sciences companies face increasingly high demands from payers to prove the value of their products in terms of improved patient outcomes and lower costs. This requires not only clinical and analytical rigor, but increased focus on account management and strategy. This is a significant part of the commercial model for the pharma, biotech and medical device sectors, which need to evolve to compete in the future.”

To equip their sales force with the necessary skills to compete in today’s dynamic healthcare market, life sciences organizations must ask the following five questions when considering a learning solution:

  1. Which specific competencies drive OUR business outcomes, and is our sales force proficient in those competencies?
  2. Can our sales force leverage the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM) to sell effectively with clinical data while focusing the conversation on patient outcomes?
  3. Are brand messages tailored to specific practice and patient needs, and are clinical data findings linked to those messages?
  4. Can our sales force transition from a product-centric dialogue to a patient-centric, consultative dialogue that solves a critical practice issue?
  5. Can our sales force tailor solutions to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders within a healthcare account (e.g. IDN, ACO, hospital, etc.)?

To explore further how SPI Health™, Sales Performance International’s dedicated life sciences practice, helps sales organizations address the core challenge of aligning sales skills with the needs of the healthcare market, please contact us and we’d be glad to schedule a call to provide more details.


Brad Ansley
Brad Ansley, Director, Life Sciences Practice

With over two decades of experience in the life sciences industry as a microbiologist, pharmaceutical sales and marketing leader, and sales training consultant, Brad Ansley leads SPI’s healthcare industry practice. He is a principal developer of SPI’s Evidence-Based Solution Selling methodology, and has helped dozens of companies to improve their ability to sell life sciences industry solutions to their customers.

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It is refreshing to see when an article is written by someone who has a complete grasp of the subject matter, Thank You!


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