NEW: Solution Selling® for CRM™ – A Cloud-Based Sales Application

The End of Software – The Beginning of Cloud-Based Solution Selling!

NEW - Solution Selling for CRM Sales ApplicationAfter learning the principles of Solution Selling®, the industry standard in sales execution process, sales professionals must master and apply these principles to win business consistently. Solution Selling for CRM - A Cloud-Based Sales Application, provides salespeople with a robust, easy-to-use tool that supports all aspects of the proven Solution Selling process.

Solution Selling for CRM enhances and encourages the consistent use of Solution Selling, allowing sales professionals to:

  • Understand and apply Solution Selling training immediately
  • Effectively manage sales campaigns
  • Better invest time and energy on the most qualified opportunities
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Win more business

What does Solution Selling® for CRM do for your sales organization?

Solution Selling for CRM is a fully integrated tool easily accessed directly within YOUR CRM application. Access to job aids and sales tools are immediately available at your fingertips, including:SS for CRM - Sales Tools Job Aids screen shot 

  • Account Profiles
  • Business Development Prompters
  • Competitive Strategy Selectors
  • Evaluation Plans
  • Get/Give Lists
  • Implementation Plans
  • Email Templates
  • Negotiation Worksheets
  • Organization Charts
  • Pain Chains®
  • Pain Sheets
  • Success Criteria
  • Transition Issues
  • Value Propositions

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Solution Selling for CRM provides a comprehensive list of Solution Selling templates and aids in coaching on Solution Selling techniques. This powerful tool provides managers insight and enables sales teams to share valuable information on the Strength of Sales opportunities with other members of your sales team.

Who should use Solution Selling® for CRM?

This sales application is designed for individual sales professionals, large global sales teams, sales managers and C-level executives that compete in any industry. The application assumes prior knowledge and understanding of Solution Selling techniques, but may be used independently and incorporate tailored sales processes.

Any organization that adopts Solution Selling as their standard sales execution process should use this application to reinforce winning sales behaviors. By supplying Solution Selling for CRM to everyone in your sales team, you will quickly establish Solution Selling as a common language for your organization.

How do I get Solution Selling for CRM?

Solution Selling for CRM - a Cloud-Based Sales Application is available immediately. For more information, please Contact Sales Performance International >>>