The Solution Selling FieldbookThe Solution Selling Fieldbook

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Practical Tools, Application Exercises, Templates, and Scripts for Effective Sales Execution

Co-authored by Keith M. Eades, James N. Touchstone, and Timothy T. Sullivan 

The Solution Selling Fieldbook (McGraw Hill, 2005) will give you the tools to plan and execute the Solution Selling process with every prospect, and improve both your and your organization's ability to win the business -- by selling the solution. 

More than 600,000 sales professionals worldwide have discovered the persausive power of this revolutionary sales process. The Solution Selling Fieldbook now shows you how to make the methodologies and best practices work for you. This step-by-step guide provides you with the methods, processes, job aids, tools, and techniques you need to: 

  • Stimulate interest, gain trust, and lead prospects to identify and admit pain 
  • Negotiate access to key decision makers to have "C" level conversations 
  • Differentiate your offerings to provide unique, value-driven solutions 
  • Dramatically shorten the cycle time between initial call and close