• Solution Selling®

    In the Era of Collaboration

    Over 1 million sales professionals, all over the world, rely on the Solution Selling® sales process and methodologies to differentiate themselves, not only by what they sell, but by how they engage with customers. For more than two decades, Solution Selling® has been the definitive approach for moving from selling products to selling and marketing high value solutions. This has not changed, but what has changed is the profile of today’s buyer. They are now an informed, educated buyer who is comfortable using technology and social media to guide themselves through their buying process. This informed buyer not only expects vendors to add tremendous value but they expect the seller to accommodate a more complex buying environment. As a result, many sellers and their organizations are at a cross-roads. They realize their sales professionals need new processes, methods, skills and tools to compete in the B2B world of “buyer 2.0”.


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    View the latest webcast discussing the evolution of Solution Selling® in today's buyer market.

    Although the term “solution selling” is used broadly and sometimes incorrectly by many in our industry, Sales Performance International is the sole source and developer of the authentic intellectual property with the registered Solution Selling® trademark. Because of this, we are best suited to answer “What is Solution Selling®?” and “How is it going to help me effectively market and sell high-value solutions?”.

    Solution Selling® components include:
    • Acute understanding of the evolved buyer
    • Emergence of three distinct sales roles
      • The Micro-Marketer
      • The Visualizer
      • The Value Driver
    • A set of buyer-aligned sales processes
    • A framework for enabling technologies
  • Awards and Recognition

     TrainingIndustry Top 20 Award 2014  SellingPower Top 20  Finalist Medal - Book 2014 Top Sales & Marketing Awards