Sales & Marketing Management magazine recently invited me and my colleague, Steven Vantongelen, to deliver a presentation about “Creating a Six-Month Win for the New Sales Leader.” During the briefing, we described how sales leaders are using new methods to accelerate results from sales performance improvement initiatives, resulting in rapid increases in revenues and profits in six months or less.

Traditional sales team transformations can take years to come to fruition, but by applying new enabling ideas and technologies, sales leaders can now accelerate change and produce more rapid results. These new sales enablers include:

  • Agile development principles – using short-cycle “bursts” of concentrated effort to produce immediate change in high-priority sales capabilities, similar to modern agile software development methods
  • Change management science – identifying specific sales behaviors and competencies that have the highest impact on desired results, and measuring adoption and performance focused on those metrics
  • Workforce customization – instead of using a “one size fits all” approach to training and enablement, tailoring education and support to improving specific highest-priority skill gaps
  • Technology-enabled learning – providing learning content in multiple modalities and sizes (i.e., macro, micro and nano learning), giving sellers the opportunity to receive the specific content they need, on the platform they prefer (usually mobile today), at the time they most need it
  • Big data insight – analyzing sales team competencies and performance to determine the kinds of development that produce the most immediate results
  • Dynamic sales process and enablement – defining flexible, dynamic, buyer-aligned sales process definitions, and then providing supporting automated tools to help sellers execute them effectively

By using these innovative enablers, sales leaders can cut sales performance improvement initiatives from years to just a few months, and produce more immediate results. In the web conference, Steven described a client who employed these sales acceleration methods to surpass their sales improvement goals in less than six months. Their results include:

  • Average value of proposals increased 10%
  • Average value of deals won increased 18%
  • Win rate improved from 42% to 63%
  • Higher revenue targets were achieved
  • Sales funnel and forecast accuracy increased dramatically improved

Faster, more impactful sales performance improvement is possible today, thanks to the application of new enablers. We’ve put together a white paper that describes the components of a sales results acceleration program – click here to download a free copy.

steven_vantongelen2Steven Vantongelen is a Corporate Vice President of SPI Europe, and past founder of SVF and Krypton Company. He has worked with senior management teams from some of the largest global organizations to improve their sales team performance. He is a graduate of the Catholic University of Leuven, a Certified Black Belt, Master in the Solution Selling® Suite, and a Certified NLP Practitioner.

Tim Sullivan
Tim Sullivan, Director of Business Development

Tim Sullivan is Director of Business Development with Sales Performance International. He is co-author of The Solution Selling Fieldbook, and more recently, The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World.

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The Six Month Win

Download a complimentary white paper that describes the components of a sales results acceleration program, and see how fast your team could improve.

The Six-Month Win for New Sales Leaders

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