Pascale Leiser is the Director of Sales Effectiveness for BD, a medical technology company with a global presence and commitment to advancing the world of health. It’s a $10B company with about 45,000 associates worldwide.

Why did you choose SPI as a partner?

We went through a rigorous selection process in selecting the right partner that we had in mind for driving that commercial excellence and for really transforming our sales function. We went to Training Industry, picked from that top list, a number of sales training providers, and compared the offerings. At the end, we invited a number of candidates whom we considered the more innovative providers, and SPI was among those.

We also chose niche players and went to candidates that we already knew within our industry, who we would consider the more conventional or traditional providers. Aside from the fact that SPI had the highest rating, there’s one element that really sticks in my mind of why we chose SPI. SPI was, by far, much more credible, because SPI was the company that was really living in that RSP process that they were teaching and that was very, very impressive to see.

Describe the impact SPI has on your company?

SPI has certainly been a training provider, but I think the involvement of SPI and the impact has been much bigger and reached far beyond that of a training provider. SPI has for us, now, become a real partner in the transformation. SPI is the partner we turn to when we need to make adjustments, when we have bigger changes to make, if we need to adjust to our market conditions, when we had a merger, and when we were integrating other methodologies and making sure that the handovers and the integration were always adapted and updated. In short, I think SPI has been the perfect partner for us to continue that journey that in the end, never ends.

Dario Priolo
Dario Priolo, Chief Marketing Officer

Dario is SPI's Chief Marketing Officer and Demand Generation practice leader. He has over 15 years experience running marketing and demand generation functions in global sales and human capital consulting firms, and consulting with professional services and technology clients on these matters.

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