Sales effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry has lulled as a result of the significant changes in the healthcare selling environment. As regulatory and healthcare provider reimbursement changes take hold, there is a fundamental shift in the business paradigm for physicians. As such, the traditional call model of selling into the healthcare practice is no longer adequate. Assessing the effectiveness of your healthcare sales force is critical to ensure that their selling competencies are aligned with the needs of the new pharmaceutical buyer.

To ensure that your sales force is effective in their process, managers must have a clear understanding of the new skills their sellers need in order to be successful.

Address the Needs of a Wider Network             

Healthcare companies need to evaluate the marketplace to identify opportunities for the healthcare sales force to add value, without introducing regulatory risk. Sales Performance International’s customizable Sales Performance Training enables your healthcare sellers to become experts in Value Creation, as a core competency focus. Quantifying and communicating the value of your solution to customers during a sales conversation creates additional opportunities and increases sales success.

Evolve the Skills of Your Existing Healthcare Sales Representatives

Rethinking the former healthcare sales roles means “upskilling” existing sales reps so they can have more relevant and current conversations with doctors and other stakeholders. Healthcare providers want representatives who are skilled in their specific specialty. A 2014/2015 What Physicians Want survey found that 91% of healthcare providers want sales representatives to leverage clinical studies and evidence-based medicine. Healthcare providers need a partner who can truly speak their language and understand their challenges.

Extend Your Reach with New B2B Selling Skills

The buying cycle in healthcare today is more complex than ever before.  Strong business-to-business skills can extend a company’s reach by helping to identify or create new sales opportunities and manage those opportunities throughout the buying process. Given the radical change in the market, this is a skill set few pharmaceutical reps currently have. Sales Performance International’s instructor-led training targets and develops the B2B skills needed to navigate the ever-increasing complex sale. It teaches teams how to effectively assess and manage opportunities as well as how to identify and close sales objective gaps.

Brad Ansley, Director of SPIHealth, Sales Performance International’s dedicated Life Sciences practice, says, “We equip the sales leaders with tools to impart appropriate developmental and training exercises for the sales representatives to align with their desired sales strategies.”. Contact Sales Performance International to learn more about how we can help ensure efficiency and success within your pharmaceutical sales team.

To download and view the full Publicis Touchpoint Solutions What Physicians WantSurvey, click here


Aimee Dawkins, AimeeDawkins

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