Financial institutions are driven by customer experience. Sellers within this industry must operate across both a business to business and business to consumer selling framework. As a highly competitive marketplace, the financial industry services customers that have a wide range of choice when it comes to where they choose to do business. By creating a customer focused selling process, Chief Sales Officers and sales leaders can focus on the needs of their customers and deliver a better experience.

With a wide range of segmentation, across multiple levels of investment, banking, and products, financial sellers must be equipped to communicate clearly with multiple types of customers while adhering to the rules and regulations that govern those interactions. This presents a unique challenge for the sales leaders of financial institutions tasked with the difficult job of providing a unified sales process in a distinct sales language that can apply to many situations. The process must be scalable, repeatable, and able to drive proven results while creating the level of customer experience that today’s customers demand.

Implement a Customer Driven Approach

Financial sellers need the skills and competencies to communicate clearly, connect effectively, and advise wisely to prevent customer turn over and continue generating revenue. The learning curve for new financial sellers is a high one, with unique language, multiple regulations, and varied customer interactions to master. A process that provides a universal language with repeatable, measurable outcomes will reduce onboarding time, improve time to productivity, and ensure that the most customer facing part of the company, the sellers, is providing the best experience.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Money and finances are the lifeblood that drive every economy in the world. For sellers within the financial industry, the people who sit across the desk from them place enormous trust that their hard-earned resources will be attentively managed. By creating a buyer aligned sales process, financial sellers learn to line up their products and services with the needs of the individual customer. By listening and truly understanding, those sellers become trusted advisors to the customers they serve, giving them greater opportunity to provide an excellent customer experience, drive retention rates, and improve revenue.

Focus on Value and Create Solutions

An integral part of the customer experience is providing solutions to the issues driving customer need. Consultative conversations can reveal the value drivers that allow sellers to align products and services to the return on investment that customers want. Whether its low interest savings, aggressive investment planning, or a teenager’s first banking account, customers want to be treated to a high level of customer service that delivers a valuable customer experience.


Tim Roberson, Tim Roberson

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