SPI CEO Keith Eades explains the four reasons behind the development of SPI-1.

People have Changed

The first and foremost reason is because the way that buyers buy today is very different from before. Approaching sales in traditional manners doesn’t always work. We wanted to make sure that with SPI-1, we were applying the latest in process and methodologies to the current buyer today.

The second major reason for developing SPI-1 is the way the adults learn. The way adults learned has changed dramatically. No longer do adults want to sit in a classroom for a few days to weeks to get what they need to be effective.

The idea is to apply or develop SPI-1 in such a way that it could be like just-in-time learning and can be applied situationally as needed. In fact, we’ve created a whole learning architecture on how to apply learning, specific to the application on where, when, and how it should be done.

The Workforce is Changing

The third major reason is the millennials. Millennials make up more than 25% of the current workforce. They are not going to approach learning in the traditional way that we older generations have in Corporate America. We needed to address not only adult learning, but the millennial learner in the workforce.

The Buying Model is Changing

The next big reason the way our buyers want to buy. There’s a whole new model for buying today that they’ve become accustomed to that was not historically associated in the world of sales performance and/or training. It’s the world of software as a service or a subscription-based model. So, SPI-1 was developed to take what we do, sales performance, into that world of a platform, software as a service, or a subscription-based model, to the buyer.

Become Effective, More Effectively

Lastly, there are two big factors that we combined while we developed SPI-1. It really is associated more from a business problem perspective, and that is the time it takes for people to become effective as salespeople, and the cost associated with making them effective. SPI was developed to reduce the time it takes for people to become effective, and reduce the cost associated or the total cost of ownership to get to that high level of performance

SPI, Sales Performance Review

Sales Performance International (SPI) is a global sales performance improvement firm dedicated to helping the world's leading corporations elevate their sales relationships and drive measurable, sustainable revenue growth and operational sales performance improvement.

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