One of the more interesting things about my day-to-day work is the opportunity to pick the brain of those folks who reach out to us and want to learn more about what we do. Many times, that conversation begins with the usual phone call introductions and associated banter. Then, I take the opportunity to elaborate on what I hope to learn from them, where I believe we may be able to help, and what the next steps are in order to get that process started. In order for me to understand how they got to this point, I have to ask them what specific pains or business initiatives have occurred. Then, and only then, can I effectively respond with what we do and how we do it.

In many cases, I can hear the surprise in the contact’s response. They are surprised because in preparation for our phone conversation, they’ve anticipated someone who starts by rattling off how great we are, how well our products and features work, and why that obviously makes them a great fit for SPI. That anticipation was created by all of their past experiences with researching and purchasing products and services, where many, if not all engagements, have been one-sided – the side of being pitched but not being understood.

While many marketers and sellers approach buyers and their market this way, that approach is backwards. You must first understand what your customers want and need. Then, explain how you meet those needs better than your competition does.

Your entire demand generation approach must abide by this as well. Whether it’s your website theme, search engine keyword set up, blog articles, email campaigns, business development team’s outbound calling, or your sales rep’s personal prospecting, effective demand generation starts at customer’s needs.

My colleague, Dario Priolo, CMO and Demand Generation Practice Leader for SPI, has prepared an eBook illustrating 12 essential steps for more effective demand generation which you can download here.

If you need help in developing more effective Demand Generation activity, we can help – contact us for a complimentary consultation at +1 (704) 227-6500, or by email to

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SPI INSIGHT: 12 Essential Steps for More Effective Demand Generation

Effective Demand Generation involves understanding buyer’s needs or initiatives and positioning how you fulfill them better than your competition.


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