Increasing revenue is the goal of every Chief Sales Officer in the Telecommunications or the utility industry. More revenue paves the way for more product innovation. More product innovation paves the way for eliminating competition. Sales teams have a huge responsibility in closing leads. Buyer behavior is radically shifting, and sellers are left out of buyer’s purchasing decisions. It is important for companies in the telecommunications and utility industry to recognize this and retrain their sellers. You can increase business revenue by assessing your sales team, developing plans for improvement, engaging sellers in multiple modalities of training, and measuring progress.

Assessing Your Sales Team

When assessing your sales team ability to sell in this new generation of buying, you must know which competencies, you want your seller to master. This will help you to build assessments and pick the best questions that return the best information. As a result, you will have a pool of data that gives you the ability to measure where each sales role in your organization is in terms of contemporary sales tactics.

Developing Role-Based Plans of Improvement

After analyzing data, you will want to align this information with your success profiles to understand which competencies your sellers need help mastering. This process identifies how each sales role in your organization measures up against your strategy. Most importantly, this process identifies developmental gaps. These gaps then become the basis for creating individual development plans per sales role. This closes the gaps and helps your sellers achieve the acceptable proficiency level you would like to see.

Engaging Sellers in Multiple Modalities

While your sellers are going through training, you want them to engage in multiple forms of instruction, for no two people learn the same way. After developing your role-based plans for improvement, you need to engage your sellers in different types of activities that allow them to practice competencies they need help mastering. There are many different forms of learning activities from instructor-led, virtual games, mobile learning, and video microlessons. Multiple forms of instruction help to reinforce knowledge.

Measuring the Progress and Success of Your Sellers During Training

Seller and manager must be able to monitor progress through the assigned development plans. This will help managers better focus their scarce coaching time and gain visibility to hold people accountable for their performance improvement.

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Tim Roberson, Tim Roberson

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