In this video, Fred Diamond, Director and Co-Founder of The Institute For Excellence in Sales, explains how sales leaders can better manage Millennials on their sales team.

“We do a lot of work with Millennials in sales. A lot of our organizations have vast Millennial sales teams, and we found a couple things that they need to do.”

Educate Them About Customers
Fred continues, “One is, the Millennials want to service their customer, but they don’t know. They haven’t had the experience in understanding the full breadth of their customer’s business. So they need to have an opportunity to learn what the customer’s business is and what the challenges are the customer faces.”

“One of the challenges for Millennials today is, they don’t go to the customer’s site. They’re spending a lot of time on the phone, or making phone calls, or on the internet doing research, and they haven’t had the time or opportunity to physically go to their customer’s site. We find a lot of companies need to support that. Get them out to the customer. See what they go through on a daily basis.”

Provide a Challenging Environment
“The other thing too is that Millennials want to be challenged. They want to figure out ways to grow. They want to bring solutions. They want to get better. Are you providing a challenging environment to help your Millennials grow?”

Offer Opportunities for Growth
“And thirdly, the Millennials have a true intention on growing their careers. They want opportunities to be management, they want opportunities to grow as leaders. How are you supporting that? How are you providing value for them to take their careers to the next level?”


Carrie Brown
Carrie Brown, Marketing & Demand Generation Consultant

Carrie Brown works with SPI as a marketing and demand generation consultant. With experience in copywriting, graphic design, and web development, Carrie uses her skill set to create and implement effective marketing strategies and campaigns for clients.

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