It’s painful when your organization isn’t generating enough new opportunities to drive the revenue you need to hit your number. It’s especially painful when you are spending time, effort, and money on content marketing and lead generation activities, but the activity isn’t driving your pipeline.



Organizations struggle to generate sufficient demand at the right cost because:

  • There is a disconnect between marketing and sales in the strategic planning process
  • There is insufficient budget allocated to generating the demand necessary to achieve sales targets
  • Marketing does not know which demand generation investments deliver the best opportunities and does not allocate budgets across the right mix of activities
  • Marketing and product managers are not close enough to the customer and don’t really know when, why, or how customers buy, or the messages that stimulate customer interest
  • They overlook opportunities in existing accounts that should be easier to identify and close

We help you overcome this challenge by:

  • Creating buyer-driven demand generation strategy
    • Determining the number and types of opportunities that marketing must deliver to the sales team, and the actions the sales team must take to convert leads into closed business
    • Conducting objective “Voice of the Buyer” interviews and competitive analysis to identify the issues that matter most to buyers that you can solve
    • Developing unified solution messaging strategy that aligns marketing, product development and sales with buyer challenges and preferences
    • Creating editorial and content strategies that produce compelling messaging, offers and premiums to stimulate buyer interest
    • Benchmarking demand generation activity to identify potential opportunities to increase volume and effectiveness
  • Creating buyer-focused demand generation processes
    • Developing internal processes to create content to support demand generation efforts
    • Defining effective lead management processes from marketing to sales
  • Developing sales and marketing talent to enable better demand generation
    • Training marketing and product managers to develop buyer-driven solution messaging
    • Training salespeople and managers in micro-marketing and social selling skills to leverage marketing-generated content and create more opportunities
    • Training salespeople and managers in white-space analysis and political mapping to identify new sales opportunities and key players in existing account
  • Aligning sales and marketing enablement technology to support demand generation
    • Assessing and optimizing your demand generation tool set, from CRM and marketing automation to specialty demand gen apps
    • Providing insight into the state of sales and marketing talent through a unified performance improvement platform

Our solutions will help you align marketing, product management, and sales to generate more demand for your business in the most efficient manner – and increase the size and quality of sellers’ pipelines.

SPI INSIGHT: 12 Essential Steps for More Effective Demand Generation

Effective Demand Generation involves understanding buyer’s needs or initiatives and positioning how you fulfill them better than your competition.

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