It’s painful when you invest heavily to “land” a new logo account, but then fall short “expanding” throughout the account by cross-selling and up-selling. It is especially painful when you are blindsided by the loss of a large, strategic account you had banked on to help make a significant amount of your number.


Account growth strategies fail for many reasons, such as:

  • There is no proven, repeatable method for growing the beyond the initial sale in the account
  • The initial sale is low-value product driven, but subsequent sales are high-value solution driven
  • The buyer for the initial sale is a lower-level operational manager, while additional business decisions are made by higher-level executives
  • Efforts to cross-sell and up-sell are perceived as self-serving and of limited value by the customer

We help you overcome this challenge by:

  • Implementing sales strategies that support customer account development
    • Using our “Voice of the Buyer” research to learn definitively why and how customers buy the types of solutions your organization provides
    • Defining personas and value propositions for buyers in an organization for all components of the solution portfolio
    • Creating account strategy to identify opportunities to cross-sell products and services effectively, and develop higher levels of relationship with key players in customer accounts
  • Enhancing buyer-focused processes to foster incremental business in customer accounts
    • Capturing and institutionalizing the sales processes that enable you to successfully penetrate and develop business in a customer organization
    • Creating an account management process to systematically identify opportunities to provide enhanced customer value and generate new business
    • Establishing a sales management cadence for inspection and coaching to account management standards
  • Developing sales talent for improved account management
    • Assessing sales and service talent to identify and measure critical sales competencies and prioritize training and development
    • Training salespeople and account managers on effective skills and methods for selling customer-focused solutions through value creation
    • Training sales managers to coach to the desired account management process and behaviors
  • Aligning enabling sales technology to support improved account management
    • Enabling easier account planning and management through the use of CRM-integrated tools and analytics
    • Providing guided selling applications with embedded learning and reinforcement based on winning sales practices

Sales Collaboration Plan

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