It’s painful when you don’t really know what your sales managers are doing from one day to the next, and how they are working with your salespeople to drive results. It is especially painful when you can’t leverage successful sales management practices across your organization to make better hires, accelerate onboarding, and help more sellers attain quota.


Poor sales performance management can be the result of many factors, such as:

  • Wrong sales talent in the wrong roles
  • Poor visibility into the status and size of opportunities
  • Lack of standards for sales managers to inspect and coach against
  • Poor basic sales coaching skills
  • Little or no accountability for coaching to results

We help our clients improve sales performance management by:

  • Reviewing and improving sales strategy
    • Executing Sales Force Effectiveness studies to identify the root causes of the problem, and to prioritize investments in performance improvement opportunities
    • Using our “Voice of the Buyer” research better understand why and how buyers buy
    • Defining ideal sales pipeline stages, values, and metrics
    • Assessing sales management talent to identify suitability to sales management roles, skill gaps, and developmental priorities
  • Implementing effective sales and sales management processes
    • Defining customer buying processes and preferences
    • Validating and documenting effective sales process, selling stages, and activities to align with buyers
    • Establishing optimal sales management cadence and methods for inspection
  • Developing essential selling and coaching skills
    • Providing salespeople with consistent, repeatable sales methodology and messaging that are aligned with buyer behavior and preferences
    • Providing sales managers with process and skills for developing sales teams and coaching performance
    • Providing continuous learning and reinforcement to master essential selling competencies
  • Implementing sales productivity tools
    • Enabling easier sales process execution through the use of CRM-integrated tools and streamlined reports
    • Providing guided selling applications with embedded learning and reinforcement based on winning sales practices

When your sales managers know what they need to do, when they need to do it, and have the skills to inspect and coach, sales performance and predictability will subsequently improve.

Sales Manager Competencies Checklist

Download this useful list of sales management competencies to help you identify your next winning sales manager.

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