It’s painful when you are banking on forecasted deals, in order to close to make your quarterly or annual sales goal, only to have these deals lost or pushed out in time. It’s especially painful when everyone on your team has their own approach for working big deals and there are few standards to evaluate deal progress, size, and likelihood to close.



Organizations struggle to win forecasted deals because:

  • Inadequate systems and processes for planning and executing sales
  • Poor sales process design or adoption
  • Poor forecasting systems and processes
  • Inadequate standards for sales people to qualify and evaluate opportunities
  • Weak sales management processes and skills to validate opportunity quality and progress
  • Misalignment with customer buying behavior and preferences

We help your overcome this challenge by:

  • Creating buyer-aligned opportunity management strategies
    • Executing Sales Force Effectiveness studies to identify the root cause of the problem and prioritize the optimal activities, investment, and performance improvement opportunities
    • Implementing territory planning methodologies to determine sales coverage, goals, and plans to “make the number”
    • Implementing opportunity management methodologies aligned with the complexity of your selling situation
  • Creating buyer-focused opportunity management and deal pursuit processes
    • Designing and implementing buyer-aligned sales processes
    • Identifying observable customer behaviors – verifiable outcomes that validate buyer alignment and progression towards a buying decision
    • Establishing effective sales management cadence and processes for inspection
  • Developing sales skills necessary to enable better demand genes
    • Training sales managers to evaluate pipeline opportunities against known standards, and to coach salespeople to collaborate with customers and secure buying commitments
    • Training salespeople to qualify opportunities and execute buyer-aligned sales methods including Solution Selling® skills, value selling skills, and sales conversation, presentation, and negotiation skills
  • Aligning sales and marketing enablement technology to support
    • Providing tools, such as customer collaboration plans, that secure buyer commitment throughout the sale and facilitate a buying decision
    • Enabling easier sales process execution through the use of CRM-integrated tools and apps, and by streamlining reports for data-driven decisions

Our solutions will help you create a model of sales excellence and skills necessary to execute. You will improve win rates, average deals sizes, and forecast accuracy. Best of all, more people will achieve quota and help you make your number.

Sales Conversation Prompter

Download this template to help your sellers prepare effective sales conversations.

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