At SPI Health, we’ve worked with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, medical device, and medtech companies, to optimize their sales performance. In our experience, we find that one of the challenges that many companies face is accessing decision makers.

Shift in Life Sciences Sales

Increasingly, physicians are becoming employees of healthcare systems. Thus, they will have less influence over buying decisions. Life sciences sales have shifted far beyond simply detailing drugs or demonstrating devices. They now require much more knowledge, skill, and business acumen. Decisions are now being made by committees at the integrated delivery network, managed care, or the accountable care organization levels.

These committees do not only have clinical representatives, but also stakeholders from finance, operations, procurement, compliance, and other functional areas. Today’s sellers must be able to formulate and position solutions that meet the needs of these various committee stakeholders. They need the ability to persuade these individuals to consider and select your product or solution.

Have the Right Knowledge

By executing a business-to- business (B2B) style sales process, they will be able to link the key value drivers of each stakeholder to the solution they provide. Not only do sellers need to speak the language of different decision makers, but they must also manage a complex buying process. This requires them to understand the difference between a call model and a sales process.

Traditionally, life sciences companies have call models, such as opening the call, creating interest, handling obstacles, and closing the call, to guide reps through individual interactions with physicians. The complex sale requires another level of process to guide reps through identifying stakeholders, assessing their power and their influence, gaining access through that power, and of course, understanding a political environment. It requires knowing how decisions are made in an organization, and aligning your sales process accordingly. Executing a complex sale requires a high degree of patience, discipline, and skill.

We own the Solution Selling methodology and have over a quarter-century of experience helping organizations make the transition to a successful B2B selling model. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot, and have perfected our approach to making this transformation successful. Nobody understands how to do this better than SPI.

Brad Ansley
Brad Ansley, Director, Life Sciences Practice

With over two decades of experience in the life sciences industry as a microbiologist, pharmaceutical sales and marketing leader, and sales training consultant, Brad Ansley leads SPI’s healthcare industry practice. He is a principal developer of SPI’s Evidence-Based Solution Selling methodology, and has helped dozens of companies to improve their ability to sell life sciences industry solutions to their customers.

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