In this video, Mark Hooper from SalesXL, an Australian business partner of SPI, explains how to improve the profitability of your business by increasing revenue with four different methods, including:

  • Get more opportunities
  • Win more often
  • Get bigger deals
  • Win deals faster

Get More Opportunities

Mark suggests, “Prospect harder. Generate more leads for yourself. And build revenue by just doing more, getting more opportunities.”

Win More Often

Mark points out that of those opportunities in your pipeline, you can actually just win more of them. He notes, “If your strike rate is currently one in three, if you improve that to one in two, then you’re going to have a significant increase in your revenue as well.”

Get Bigger Deals

Another way to increase your revenue is to get bigger deals. Mark explains, “Rather than doing a $50,000 deal, do a $60,000 deal. Think about what services or what other product you can add to the value that you’re offering the customer at the moment.”

Win Deals Faster

Mark mentions, “If it’s taking you a month to close a deal, then in a year, you can only close 12 deals. But if you can close a deal in two weeks, then over a year, you can potentially close 24 deals.” He states that winning faster – shortening your sales cycles – can have a significant impact on the revenue of your business.


Carrie Brown
Carrie Brown, Marketing & Demand Generation Consultant

Carrie Brown works with SPI as a marketing and demand generation consultant. With experience in copywriting, graphic design, and web development, Carrie uses her skill set to create and implement effective marketing strategies and campaigns for clients.

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