A missed sales target can cause severe internal disruption, rapid decline in company valuation, and loss of management credibility – sometimes, with severe consequences.

Missing Sales Targets

All business organizations, especially those that are publicly traded, private equity owned, or venture-backed, must achieve their sales goals.

Missing sales targets is often a symptom of:

  • Inadequate systems and processes for planning and executing sales
  • Insufficient demand generation investment and production
  • Poor sales process design or adoption
  • Poor forecasting systems and processes
  • Inadequate standards for salespeople to qualify and evaluate opportunities
  • Weak sales management processes and skills to validate opportunity quality and progress
  • Misalignment with customer buying behavior and preferences

We help our clients avoid missed sales targets by:

  • Implementing sales strategies that support better closing and revenue management
    • Executing Sales Force Effectiveness studies to identify the root cause of the problem and prioritize the optimal activities, investment, and performance improvement opportunities
    • Calculating the number and value of new opportunities required from demand generation activities to achieve sales goals
    • Conducting “top-down” and “bottom-up” analyses to determine goal reasonableness and plans to “make the number”
  • Enhancing buyer-focused processes to foster greater consistency and certainty
    • Defining buyer-aligned sales processes
    • Identifying observable customer behaviors – verifiable outcomes that validate buyer alignment and progression towards a buying decision
    • Establishing effective sales management cadence and processes for inspection
  • Developing sales talent for improved opportunity management and closing
    • Training sales managers to evaluate pipeline opportunities against known standards, and to coach salespeople to collaborate with customers and secure buying commitments
    • Training salespeople to qualify opportunities and execute buyer-aligned sales methods
  • Aligning enabling sales technology to support improved revenue management
    • Providing tools, such as customer collaboration plans, that secure buyer commitment throughout the sale and facilitate a buying decision
    • Enabling easier sales process execution through the use of CRM-integrated tools and apps, and by streamlining reports for data-driven decisions

We can identify the reasons for gaps in desired sales performance levels, and develop a prioritized prescription for rapid improvement. We can then help to implement that solution to quickly fill performance gaps and return the sales team to full productivity.

Sales Collaboration Plan

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