Poor Forecast Accuracy

Organizations depend on accurate sales forecasting for managing resources and cash flow, and for setting proper expectations with stakeholders and investors. A missed sales forecast can cause a company’s valuation to tank and its management team to lose credibility.

Poor sales forecasting is often a symptom of:

  • Poor sales process definition or inconsistency in application
  • Inadequate or non-existent standards for salespeople to evaluate sales opportunity quality
  • Weak sales management processes and skills to inspect pipelines and validate opportunity progress
  • Misalignment with customer buying preferences and processes

We help you improve forecast accuracy by:

  • Identifying strategic barriers to accurate sales forecasting
    • Executing Sales Force Effectiveness studies to identify root causes of forecasting issues
  • Defining effective sales forecast process
    • Clearly defining customer buying processes and aligning required sales process steps
    • Identifying observable customer actions – verifiable outcomes – that validate progression through the buying process, intent to buy, and the true value of the sale
    • Establishing sales management cadence and skills for inspection, ensuring a quality pipeline for forecasting purposes
  • Developing sales management skills
    • Training sales managers to evaluate pipeline opportunities against defined standards, and to coach salespeople to collaborate with customers and secure their commitment
    • Training salespeople on standards for qualifying opportunities and managing sales processes effectively
  • Implementing forecasting and related sales enablement tools
    • Providing sales tools, such as customer collaboration plans, that secure commitment throughout the sale and facilitate a predictable buying decision
    • Enabling easier sales process execution through the use of CRM-integrated tools and applications, and by streamlining necessary reports

Our solutions dramatically improve sales forecast accuracy. In addition, establishing good forecasting processes, management discipline, skills, and enablers will also improve opportunity win rates and sales rep productivity. Salespeople will spend more time on opportunities that they can win, win a greater percentage of these opportunities, and develop more productive, long-term customer relationships.

Sales Collaboration Plan

Reduce potential losses to “no decision” – or eliminate them completely – by using this simple tool.

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