Now is the time to implement systems and processes, and up skill your sales and marketing teams to push you over the top.

Preparing for IPO or Exit

VC-backed companies preparing for IPO and private-equity owned companies preparing for exit must sustain their growth trajectories, or risk losing millions in value. As part of an IPO or exit strategy, executive leadership should take special measures to maximize company valuation by sustaining top-line performance.

Maximizing company valuation for an IPO or exit requires:

  • Refining and investing in the most effective demand generation activities to avoid sales performance slippage
  • Meticulously managing pipelines to ensure achievement of forecasts and growth targets
  • Beating the competition in all “must-win” opportunities
  • Maximizing revenue contribution from existing customers and channel partners
  • Retaining sales and sales management talent and motivating them to superior results

We help you sustain sales growth and maximize company valuation by:

  • Ensuring execution of sales strategy
    • Conducting objective “Voice of the Buyer” win-loss interviews to identify the factors that make the difference between winning or losing must-win deals
    • Analyzing demand generation activity to identify potential opportunities to increase new opportunity volume
    • Analyzing key accounts to identify and close cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Executing buyer-focused sales processes
    • Updating sales process, selling stages, and activities to more closely align with buyers preferences
    • Establishing sales management cadence and skills for inspection of sales pipeline quality
  • Enhancing sales team talent
    • Training salespeople in a consistent methodology and skills for creating and qualifying opportunities, and winning more business
    • Training account managers to identify potential opportunities and key players in their accounts, and strategically creating value, to close more business
    • Training sales and channel managers to coach salespeople and channel partners for pipeline accuracy, opportunity creation, and closing must-win deals
  • Leveraging sales tools and technology
    • Implementing a unified system to give leadership greater insight into sales performance and manage to results
    • Offering tools and apps that enable salespeople to execute opportunity and account management sales processes and methods more quickly and easily

Our solutions enable the entire organization to produce sales results consistently and surpass growth targets. This reduces risk and increases the certainty that you will achieve the best outcome for a very important milestone for the organization.

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