Transition from guerrilla tactics to more systematic ways for growing predictable, profitable sales.

Sales Process Consulting

Fast growing organizations face the unique challenge of scaling up to sustain their rate of growth. This is especially true for late-stage, venture capital funded companies that are preparing for IPO or other forms of exit. Executives of high-growth companies don’t want to lose their entrepreneurial spirit, as they try to transition from guerrilla tactics to more systematic ways for growing predictable, profitable sales.

Sustaining rapid growth requires:

  • Defining the sales organization and talent needed for growth, now and in the future
  • Developing and continuously refining a robust demand generation strategy
  • Implementing buyer-focused sales systems and processes that replicate successful practices consistently
  • Creating a more formalized sales management structure, cadence, and roles
  • Focusing sales development on specific areas that drive the greatest and most immediate impact on results

We help you to sustain rapid growth by:

  • Implementing an effective growth strategy
    • Creating clear, accurate buyer persona definitions, based on win-loss reviews
    • Fine-tuning positioning to ensure that it addresses buyers’ highest priority problems that your organization can solve
    • Analyzing competition to identify your differentiators, and related demand generation activities that you might be missing
    • Developing prioritized action plans to get you from where you are today to where you need to be in the future
  • Establishing processes that support sales growth
    • Clearly defining customers’ buying processes
    • Defining sales processes and activities that align with buyers’ preferences
    • Establishing sales management cadence and skills for inspection of sales pipelines
    • Implementing systems and processes for recruiting, onboarding, and managing sales talent
  • Developing selling skills and methods
    • Training salespeople in effective methodology and skills for creating, qualifying, and winning sales opportunities
    • Training sales managers to hire top talent and coach salespeople to success
  • Introducing sales productivity tools
    • Implementing a unified system to manage continual learning and sales performance improvement
    • Defining competencies and implementing assessment systems to support hiring and development of sales talent
    • Provisioning tools and apps that enable salespeople to execute effective sales process more quickly and easily

Our solutions enable you to reliably scale your sale force by ensuring that you have enough demand to fill your funnel, align your sales process with how your customers buy, identify and develop outstanding sales talent, and implement tools that make sales execution easier and more effective.

SPI INSIGHT: 12 Essential Steps for More Effective Demand Generation

Effective Demand Generation involves understanding buyer’s needs or initiatives and positioning how you fulfill them better than your competition.

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