Automating sales and marketing requires much more than distributing usernames and passwords.

New Sales and Marketing Technology

Organizations are investing heavily in sales and marketing technology, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems, to improve sales force productivity. The number of sales enablement applications and point solutions has exploded over the past few years. However, too often we see organizations invest in a tool that they hope will enable instant success, only to have it go unused and eventually abandoned.

Sales and marketing technology implementations fail for many reasons, including:

  • The technology is disconnected from and misaligned with the processes that it should enable
  • The technology is not tuned to the ways customers actually buy or how your organization’s salespeople sell
  • The technology’s user experience is too clunky and cumbersome for salespeople to apply practically and successfully in the field
  • Salespeople don’t know how to use the technology effectively or why they should use it

We help organizations get better sales and marketing technology adoption and ROI by:

  • Aligning enabling technology with sales and marketing strategy
    • Identifying the root causes of the problem that you want the technology to solve, and prioritizing effective actions for technology adoption and sales performance improvement
  • Enabling technology support of effective marketing and sales processes
    • Optimizing sales processes by aligning them with the ways customers buy
    • Tuning technology to better enable consistent execution of effective sales processes
  • Enhancing technology-related skills
    • Developing seller skills necessary to use sales enablement technology properly
    • Up-skilling sales managers so they can coach people more effectively, using data provided by sales enablement technologies
  • Implementing effective sales enablement tools
    • Embedding learning into sales enabling technology – and technology into learning – to better guide users in execution of effective selling practices
    • Identifying, prioritizing, and creating the analytics, dashboards, and reports needed to monitor and manage sales results

Our solutions will help you to fully realize the potential of your sales and marketing enabling technology investment, while helping your sales team to become better aligned with customers, thus enhancing their productivity.

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