Congratulations on closing a complex deal, but now new operational challenges begin. Don't get bogged down and distracted with a difficult integration.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Integrating sales and marketing functions is a crucial, but complex, activity in any merger or acquisition. Great care must be taken to retain customers and top sales talent, and to get the organization on the same page quickly to achieve the expected benefits of the M&A transaction.

Sales and marketing organizations falter in mergers and acquisitions for several reasons, including:

  • Cultural differences between acquired or merged businesses
  • Loss of high performers who get overlooked or frustrated
  • Strategic accounts are neglected because of account manager churn
  • Systems and processes are not harmonized, creating confusion and operational inefficiencies
  • Product lines are not properly reconciled into high-value solutions for customers

We help our clients integrate sales and marketing functions that are brought together from mergers and acquisitions by:

  • Implementing unified sales and marketing strategy
    • Conducting Sales Force Effectiveness studies to identify relative strengths and weaknesses, and prioritize organizational improvement opportunities
    • Auditing sales talent to identify integrated sales roles, required skills and competencies, managerial styles and preferences, and developmental needs
    • Conducting “Voice of the Buyer” research to identify combined differentiators and new messaging for demand generation and prospecting
  •  Aligning sales and marketing processes
    • Aligning sales and marketing teams with unified go-to-market messages and a customer engagement approach
    • Creating buyer-focused processes for creating demand, winning deals, and growing accounts
    • Establishing regular sales management cadence and processes for pipeline management and inspection
  • Developing sales and marketing talent
    • Equipping marketers and product managers to create content that addresses the issues most relevant to your customers that the unified organization can solve
    • Training sales teams in a standard approach for planning and executing sales activities and managing opportunities and accounts
    • Developing consistent skills for developing and presenting solutions
    • Enabling sales managers and leaders to manage change and coach for organizational performance improvement
  • Providing integrated technology and tools for sales enablement
    • Providing a unified platform to manage the integrated organization’s sales talent and performance
    • Enabling easier sales process execution through the use of CRM-integrated tools and apps, and streamlining necessary reports

M&A integration is an immense challenge. We help our clients make better decisions and get everyone on the same page faster, so that they can realize the full potential of the transaction.

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