As a new sales leader, you need to gain the trust and commitment of your team and get everyone ready, willing, and able to execute your strategy.

New Leaders with a New Strategies

The typical tenure of a new sales leader is about 24 months. Most new sales and line-of-business leaders have been hired because the person before them failed to meet expectations. New leaders, therefore, often inherit organizations that are not performing well. However, they typically have a vision of how they will turn things around. As a result, new sales leaders often enjoy a brief honeymoon period while trying to implement their strategy – though they must soon produce real results.

New sales leaders fail to implement new strategies for many reasons, such as:

  • They focus their improvement efforts on low impact projects or activities
  • They don’t yet fully understand the organization’s market, customers, or their preferred buying processes
  • During the leadership transition, they lose good people from the sales team
  • They can’t overcome inertia of the prevailing culture

We help new sales and business unit leaders be more successful by:

  • Facilitating the implementation of new sales strategy
    • Executing a Sales Force Effectiveness study to identify the root causes of sales problems and prioritize investment in performance improvement options
    • Conducting “Voice of the Buyer” studies and competitive analysis to objectively understand why, when, and how buyers buy
    • Evaluating contributions necessary from demand generation activities to fill the funnels of the sales team
  • Aligning sales strategy with selling processes
    • Creating a unified demand generation process with defined sales and marketing service levels
    • Defining the processes customers use to buy, and aligning sales processes and activities to closely align with buyer behavior and preferences
    • Establishing sales management cadence, process, and reporting for pipeline and opportunity inspection, review, and coaching
  •   Aligning sales talent with organizational strategy
    • Assessing the current sales force to better understand job fit and skill levels in alignment with new strategic requirements
    • Implementing a common approach for sales execution consistent with the desired sales strategy
    • Identifying critical developmental needs and training necessary to execute new strategies effectively
    • Selecting and developing capable sales managers who can drive strategy and results through coaching and team leadership
  • Aligning enabling technology with strategic requirements
    • Enabling easier sales process execution through the use of CRM-integrated tools and apps, and streamlining necessary reports
    • Providing insight into the state of talent and managing performance through a unified performance improvement platform

Our solutions enable sales leaders to know the state of their team’s talent, and how they can execute their strategy faster and with more certainty – leading to rapid results.

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