Making this leap is much easier said than done. We have nearly 30 years experience, and will guide you every step of the way.

Transitioning from Product to Solution-led Sale

Overwhelmingly, organizations that can sell the full value of solutions to customer problems realize consistently higher margins than those who sell commoditized products or services based on lower prices. Solution sellers compete more effectively, sell larger opportunities at higher margins, and create higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We have learned that even the most commoditized product or service can be sold as a higher-value solution, if the organization understands how to differentiate their capabilities and show customers how they can provide unique answers to their problems.

Organizations fail in their attempts to transition from product-focused to solution-led sales because:

  • They do not adequately understand the customer problems that they solve and the unique value they can provide
  • They can’t overcome a product-centric mindset and inward focus in their organization
  • They treat the transition simplistically as a training issue, instead of a strategic and cultural transformation
  • They lack the necessary solution selling systems, processes, and skills at the seller and manager levels
  • They don’t have alignment with supporting organizational functions to realize and sustain the transformation

We help organizations transition from product to solution selling by:

  • Developing and implementing solution-centric, organizational strategy
    • Developing a deeper understanding of the problems that customers look to you or your competitors to help solve, and the factors that drive their decision-making process
    • Creating and implementing change management plans to maximize adoption of solution-centric values
  • Implementing solution sales processes
    • Creating and implementing buyer-focused sales processes
    • Aligning other departments that support the sales function, directly or indirectly, with solution-centric processes and methods
  • Identifying and developing solution-oriented sales and marketing talent
    • Assessing talent to identify skills gaps and the competencies necessary for effective solution selling, and creating a foundation for continuous improvement
    • Training salespeople and managers in Solution Selling® methodology and building solution-focused sales skills
    • Develop sales managers skills to execute and reinforce a solution selling approach through effective coaching
    • Training marketing and product managers in the fundamentals of solution messaging to help sellers and marketers communicate the value of solutions effectively
  • Supporting solution-centric behavior with technology and enabling tools
    • Enabling easier solution sales process execution through the use of CRM-integrated tools and apps, and streamlining necessary reports
    • Providing insight into the state of talent and performance through a unified sales performance improvement platform

We own the official Solution Selling® methodology and have over a quarter-century of experience helping organizations make the transition to high-value solution sales. Over the years, we’ve seen everything and have perfected our approach for making this transformation successful. Nobody understands how to do this better than SPI.

Solution Messaging Card

Developing effective, customer-focused, and value-based solution messages

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