When new competitors with new offerings appear out of nowhere, you must raise your level of expertise and customer focus.

Market Disruption

We live in a world of rapid technological innovation, globalization, and aggressive venture capital funding. More than ever, sales organizations face the possibility of new disruptive competitors appearing out of nowhere to steal customers and market share – and create immense stress and uncertainty.

Sales organizations can become susceptible to market disruption for many reasons, including:

  • They continue to sell and operate as they always did, oblivious to new threats
  • They lose deals and accounts but don’t understand why, until it’s too late
  • They lose sight of the value they deliver for their customers or what customers value most
  • They dilute their message in fear of not missing opportunities that customers might consider
  • They don’t create a proper competitive strategy to thwart new competitive challenges

We help organizations stay competitive in the face of major market disruptions by:

  • Establishing a competitive sales strategy
    • Using our “Voice of the Buyer” and competitive research to identify sales execution challenges and why customers choose your company – or competitors – for solutions
    • Creating current buyer personae, and revising value propositions and messaging to resonate clearly with those more likely to favor your solutions
    • Developing competitive strategy to win when facing disruptive competition
  • Enhancing effective buyer-focused sales processes
    • Updating your sales processes to provide new competitive practices needed to win deals and manage accounts
    • Providing salespeople with consistent, repeatable sales methodology and messaging aligned with current buyer behavior and preferences
    • Implementing competitive sales process as the standard operating procedure throughout the organization
  • Optimizing sales talent
    • Providing sales managers with effective inspection, review, and coaching tools for developing adaptive and highly competitive sales teams
    • Enabling marketing and product managers to develop solution messaging that resonates with buyers, thus helping sellers to differentiate from competitive alternatives
  • Aligning sales enablement technology
    • Enabling easier sales process execution through the use of CRM-integrated tools and analytics
    • Providing guided selling playbooks with embedded learning and reinforcement of competitive sales practices

In a disruptive market, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers and competition and be able to adjust quickly and precisely. We will help you determine what you need to do differently to adapt quickly to competitive threats, win more business, and build agility across your sales, marketing, and product teams to protect your position and sustain growth.

Sales Conversation Prompter

Download this template to help your sellers prepare effective sales conversations.

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