Last week was our breakfast meeting on omni-channel experience for B2B buyers, in partnership with Showpad. This meeting was organised in three sessions:

  • Building a Sales Factory in the 4.0 Economy (presented by Jon Ticehurst, Business Development Director at SPI)
  • Death of a Salesman and a live demonstration of next-generation customer experiences
  • Sales enablement best practices in complex B2B sales

SPI’s presentation was based on our recent “Voice of the Sales Force” survey results. We conduct this annual survey to learn first-hand what help sales reps and managers want most to succeed in the coming year. With nearly 800 participants, this year’s results reveal the top opportunities by category (creating demand, winning deals, growing accounts, managing performance) for sales force investment and development.

Here is a short summary of the findings presented during our breakfast meeting, regarding what you should keep in mind for next year:

  • Create Demand
  • To keep generating demand, you will need considerable marketing resources and alignment, but also investment in brand building and a larger focus on quality rather than quantity as far as the leads generated by your marketing team are concerned.

  • Win Deals
  • The key here is to measure your value creation, which would allow you to easily justify your solutions’ value to your buyer, get to know why your customers chose you and leverage trigger events.

  • Grow Accounts
  • You should connect the cross-selling dots (successful cross-selling and upselling begins by delivering on promises set during the initial sale, but continues through additional products, services or solutions that solve problems and unlock value for the customer), and develop your team’s competencies and plan.

  • Manage Performance
  • The challenges here for next year will be to reduce the time spent by your sales team in non-selling activities, give the priority to your client and share your internal content and knowledge.

To download the full Voice of the Sales Force survey, please visit this link.

For more information or should you need help to implement any new sales initiative, contact us at  or +322 252 5004. SPI will be pleased to help you.


Amandine Moutaud
Amandine Moutaud, European Marketing Coordinator

Amandine Moutaud is SPI's European Marketing Coordinator. Her mission is to generate demand and increase SPI's brand awareness by coordinating marketing projects in European markets.

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