Learn new techniques to drive results in this upcoming webinar!

Techniques to train and enable sales teams have undergone a dramatic shift, but keeping up with all of the change can be overwhelming.

In our upcoming webinar with Selling Power, we highlight the major innovations in sales training to help you stay current on what’s possible and what really works. We will digest 5 years of key developments so you leave ready, willing, and able to put the latest thinking into action.

Webinar Details:
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

Strategies covered in this webinar will include how to:

  • Save time by identifying highest priority training needs through role-based competency models and assessments
  • Improve training relevance through individualizing development plans
  • Enhance effectiveness beyond merely watching videos to enhance sales skills
  • Enhance coaching effectiveness and focus through artificial intelligence
  • Accelerate time to performance through tool and smart apps
  • Improve sales-effectiveness tracking through advanced metrics and analytics

All participants will receive an opportunity to benchmark sales team competencies.

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Dario Priolo
Dario Priolo, Chief Marketing Officer

Dario is SPI's Chief Marketing Officer and Demand Generation practice leader. He has over 15 years experience running marketing and demand generation functions in global sales and human capital consulting firms, and consulting with professional services and technology clients on these matters.

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