Solution Selling for Inside Sales (SSIS) addresses the specific needs of salespeople selling over the telephone and/or using collaborative interaction technology.

Solution Selling® for Inside Sales (SSIS) provides sales processes and activities tailored for either or both inbound and outbound inside selling, and addresses the specific types of sales situations faced by inside sales professionals (i.e., tele-prospecting, transactional sales, add-on sales, complex solutions, and/or customer issue resolution).

Always tailored to the specific needs of individual inside sales teams, SSIS enables sellers to:

  • Apply relevant tactics and methods for creating demand
  • Identify customers’ business problems
  • Educate buyers on how to solve their problems
  • Validate or enhance existing buyer visions of solutions
  • Create new value for customers
  • Collaborate more effectively with buyers

Intended Audiences

SSIS is designed for inside sellers and their managers. It can be scaled and tailored for application to nearly every industry and selling situation – from short transactions to extended complex opportunities. The higher the need to differentiate inside sales teams in how they engage with customers, the better the fit for SSIS content.


Program Objectives

During an SSIS workshop, inside sales professionals and sales managers will learn how to:

  • Describe how buyers buy and to align inside selling activities accordingly
  • Stimulate interest and establish credibility with both new prospects and existing customers
  • Get prospects/customers to share/admit their business issues and solution ideas
  • Engage in consultative dialogue that promotes the differentiated strengths of solutions
  • Effectively qualify and disqualify inside sales opportunities based on objective decision criteria
  • Better control and manage inside selling cycles
  • Improve inside sellers’ win odds, especially in competitive opportunities
  • Shorten inside selling cycles and avoid “no decision” outcomes
  • Negotiate the steps leading to successful closure of an inside sale
  • Modify inside sales call activities based on call type (i.e., outbound/inbound calls)
  • Adapt inside selling activities to address various sales situations (i.e., tele-prospecting, team sales hand-offs, transaction sales, add-on sales, complex / solution sales and/or customer issue resolution)

Workshop Topical Agenda

SSIS is a modular program, designed to be tailored to the unique requirements of each client. The standard instructor-led training workshop for SSIS is a one day, highly interactive program, although this can be tailored to meet client-specific requirements and limitations. The standard program includes:

  • Key inside sales concepts
  • Buying process and seller alignment
  • Inside sales process(es)
  • Proactive inside sales planning/developing situational fluency & pre-call planning
  • Stimulating buyer interest/gaining trust and credibility with buyers
  • Call opening, positioning, getting pain admitted
  • Consultative inside sales conversation
    • Creating a buying vision
    • Re-engineering existing requirements
  • Collaborative solution evaluation/risk management
  • Qualifying and/or transitioning the opportunity
  • Negotiation/reaching final agreement
  • Reactive inside selling
  • Getting Started

SSIS typically includes a pre-workshop assignment consisting of some introductory eLearning content and preparatory research on a live account or opportunity, for use as case studies in the workshop exercises. Participants work on the program exercises in teams, to promote sharing of ideas and exchanges of best practices. Teams conduct structured peer reviews of exercise results to facilitate understanding of program principles.


Instructional Materials

The SSIS workshop is designed to support adult learning principles. The program’s instructional materials facilitate participant understanding by using a mix of media to transmit and reinforce key learning points. SPI provides full-color training content in electronic interactive workbooks, for use on participants’ mobile devices or laptop computers, as well as color reference charts, animated presentations, and video content, where appropriate.

Useful Sales Tools and Job Aids

The SSIS workshop can incorporate the integrated use of SPI-Sales Process Playbooks – an easy-to-use, automated tool that includes a variety of helpful job aids. As participants complete the program, they capture the results of exercises in the SPI-Sales Process Playbooks application. After the workshop, sellers can use the application on an ongoing basis for effective use of the methodology with their own opportunities.


The job aids provided in the SSIS program toolkit include:

  • Account Profile – a template that captures key criteria for a target company, including the likely challenges they are facing
  • Key Players List – a listing by industry of important job titles along with the likely critical business issues which each job title will likely face
  • Pain Chain™ – a graphical depiction of the cause and effect relationship of critical business issues (“pains”) inside an organization
  • Business Development Tools – targeted scripts/prompters used to increase an inside seller’s success rate at stimulating buyer curiosity and interest
  • Results Story – provides an inside seller with compelling business insights that build credibility with a buyer, and illustrates how the seller can provide value to the buyer
  • Differentiation Grid – a tool that helps inside sellers to identify solution aspects that are both unique and valuable to a specific buyer
  • Sales Conversation Prompter (also known as the Situational Fluency Prompter®) – guides inside sellers through effective, insightful, and collaborative conversations with buyers
  • Buyer Communication Letters – follow-up communications sent by inside sellers which document and confirm buyer visions in the purchasing organization
  • Collaboration Plan – a job aid which outlines suggested steps for guiding a buyer to a confident purchasing decision
  • Value Proposition/Value Analysis – a model used to collaboratively determine the impact and value of a solution with a buyer
  • Success Criteria – a document of metrics that will help track the ongoing value of a solution for a buyer
  • Negotiation Worksheet and Give/Get List – tools used during the close/negotiation to ensure equal exchange of value with buyers, and effectively reduce or eliminate price reductions and other concessions
  • Strength of Sale Assessment – provides a means for evaluating inside sales opportunities against observed buyer behavior, and tracking progress over time

Strategic Value

Solution Selling® for Inside Sales (SSIS) provides inside sellers with effective methods and skills, resulting in increased sales productivity and revenues. SSIS enables inside sellers to differentiate themselves, not only by what solutions they offer, but also by how they engage professionally with customers.

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