According to the Association for Talent Development, the New World Class Competency Model lists five core sales competencies. Do you know which two are causing a significant disruption in how pharma organizations are structuring and equipping their sales force for success this year?

You’ve probably heard this many times from your sales reps: “The HCP said he wanted to write our brand, but his hands were tied by the IDN.”

Clearly, there are additional stakeholders involved in the treatment decision making process. IDN stakeholders have many different value drivers for the decisions they make. The new healthcare business model exposes key competencies associated with account management that are lacking in today’s sales teams. Specifically, they are Account Development and New Account Acquisition.

SPI’s Healthcare Account Management Program enables sales teams to drive revenue by understanding who the key stakeholders are and their individual value drivers. The program is based on a blended learning approach, beginning with five microLessons and a brief audit of an actual account. That’s followed by an instructor-led training event and of course, on-demand reinforcement and coaching activities. At the end of the program, participants will be able to effectively manage account relationships, increase the number of opportunities in an account, increase market share and stakeholder satisfaction, and protect accounts against encroaching competitors.

When combined with other programs, such as Evidence-Based Solution Selling, solution messaging for healthcare, and solution selling for pharma, the healthcare account management program can leverage tools, job aides, techniques, models and processes founded upon the principles of evidence-based medicine, that help sales teams align their selling activities to the needs of healthcare providers for their patients and other stakeholders.

If you are a sales leader who wants to increase revenue in key accounts, effectively navigate the complexity of managing strategic accounts, decrease competitive presence, and identify and align to key stakeholders in the account, I encourage you to reach out to us to explore how we’ve helped other healthcare sales organizations address these very challenges.


Brad Ansley
Brad Ansley, Director, Life Sciences Practice

With over two decades of experience in the life sciences industry as a microbiologist, pharmaceutical sales and marketing leader, and sales training consultant, Brad Ansley leads SPI’s healthcare industry practice. He is a principal developer of SPI’s Evidence-Based Solution Selling methodology, and has helped dozens of companies to improve their ability to sell life sciences industry solutions to their customers.

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