In this video, Fred Diamond, Director and Co-Founder of The Institute For Excellence in Sales, describes the top 5 sales competencies needed by sellers today.

“It’s kind of interesting, we find that a lot of sales organizations are looking to invest in their people to help them develop specific skills. How to get better at prospecting, how to get better at positioning, how to get better at networking, how to get better at developing their personal brand and their personal position. But a lot of sales leaders are expecting the sales professionals to do it on their own. To have the initiative to find ways to get better, to do things on weekends, to do things after hours. One of our members told me recently about the 40/20 rule. For you to get to the next level as a sales professional, put in the hard work during the 40 hours, but what do you do in the additional 20 hours to be successful? We find that companies are supportive of that. Companies want to help their employees, their sales teams get better at the art and science of selling.”

The Top 5 Selling Competencies Needed By Sellers Today

  • Understand Customer’s Industry
    One, they need to truly understand their customer’s industry. They need to truly understand the value that they’re bringing so that they can help their customer be more effective.
  • Position Themselves As a Leader
    Secondly, they need to understand how to position themselves as a leader. They need to figure out some strategies to show their customer and the industry that they truly know this. They can do that through Linkedin, they can do that from blogging, podcasting and speaking.
  • Develop a Growth Strategy
    The third thing is, they need to develop a strategy to grow themselves. They need to put in some efforts to be able to get better as a selling professional. Companies are willing to support but it’s all up to the sales professional to do that on his own or her own. They need to think of themselves as the VP of their business and presently they’re selling for this particular company.
  • Be Curious
    Fourth, they need to develop a characteristic of curiosity. They need to figure out the right questions to ask. They need to figure out who to ask those questions to and find great answers.
  • Communicate Clearly
    And fifthly, they need to figure out strategies on being better communicators. A lot of times today, a lot the younger sales professionals, they work with texting and short answers if you will. Writing skills, communication skills, speaking skills are still foremost, so that your customer will trust that you truly understand what you’re doing and you have their best interest at heart.


Carrie Brown
Carrie Brown, Marketing & Demand Generation Consultant

Carrie Brown works with SPI as a marketing and demand generation consultant. With experience in copywriting, graphic design, and web development, Carrie uses her skill set to create and implement effective marketing strategies and campaigns for clients.

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