Solution Selling in the Collaborative Era

Solution Selling® is the gold standard methodology for selling solutions to intelligent, informed buyers. This highly interactive, instructor-led workshop includes job aids and principles that help salespeople consultatively align their selling activities to the steps of a buyer’s buying process.

Students are engaged in lively discussions, group presentations, role plays, and individual application exercises.

About The Workshop

Solution Selling® in the Collaborative Era is a 2.5 day, instructor-led workshop. It’s a convenient way to train close to home, provide on-going training to a growing sales force, or train smaller work forces and new hires. Blended Learning (Instructor-Led Training and eLearning): The workshop will consist of 2.5 days of Instructor-Led training. Prior to attending the workshop, the participants will be provided with access to the Solution Selling® Sales Execution MicroLesson eLearning course bundles. Participants will be expected to complete the first MicroLesson course bundle before attending the workshop.

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Who Should Attend

This workshop is a must-attend sales training event for anyone who needs to improve their overall sales performance, including sales professionals, sales management professionals, marketing professionals, sales support and telemarketing professionals.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe “how buyers buy” and align your selling activities to accordingly
  • Recognize the difference between “latent pain” and “active vision” opportunities
  • Conduct effective pre-call planning and research
  • Stimulate interest and establish credibility with your prospects
  • Get prospects to share/admit high priority plan
  • Engage in consultative dialogue that promotes the differentiating strengths of your offerings
  • Gain access to “power” people with an opportunity
  • Effectively qualify and disqualify opportunities based on objective decision criteria
  • Better control and manage sell cycles
  • Improve your chances of winning competitive opportunities
  • Shorten sell cycles and avoid no decision
  • Manage proof and internal resources
  • Negotiate the steps leading to closure of a sale cycle

Upcoming Workshops

Fees Include

  • eLearning access for 1 year
  • Printed workbook
  • Relevant job aid templates in electronic form
  • Program exercises and application material
  • Certification of completion for instructor-led workshop

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