A Brief Recap of our European Customer Success Conference 2018

This year, SPI hosted its third “Customer Success Conference” on the 18th and 19th of April in Brussels.

Creating an environment where clients can discuss, collaborate and share best practices or lessons learned from their like-minded colleagues is crucial to continue being up-to-date and relevant in a fast-evolving field.

Besides networking and sharing ideas amongst themselves, attendees had a chance to listen to several presentations focused on various aspects of sales transformation in different types of organizations as well as new trends, best practices and technology revolving around the future of the sales profession.

This year the agenda consisted of:

In addition to all the presentations, attendees also joined their strengths in a transformation management working session where they cooperated on finding concrete solutions to issues which are often faced during a sales transformation process. After the daytime program was over, the discussions continued at dinner where guests were able to network and share their stories and experiences in a more informal environment. In the end, it was clear that everyone is dealing with a lot of common issues and the ability to look at them from different viewpoints can often help in finding the right solutions.

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