Client Success Story: AngioDynamics Integrates Three Acquisitions with a Common Sales Approach

AngioDynamics was looking for a standardized message across all three franchises and needed a company that had the infrastructure, support, and tools to customize to each of the franchises. They looked at different companies and vendors, and what they liked about SPI was that we could really tailor the tools to each individual franchise and their sales team.

They focused on the Sales Process & Clinical Sales Skills to begin their sales transformation journey.

As part of investing in the sales force, we first implemented a sales process. Then, we developed a certification program for their sales team for advanced training. With that, included were some of our tools, such as the Evidence-based Selling Methodology and the eLearning courses, which were very well received and beneficial to their sales team.

The results? Significant.

They have seen more consistent messaging across their sales force. They’ve been able to take the tools and build them into field coaching reports and other tools that they use, in order to make sure that the messaging is consistent. They’re also using it within their launch and using some of the terminologies as part of the sales process. Also, because of the investment in the sales force through the sales process and the certification program, they have seen a decrease in turnover rate, which at its high, was in the 44% range. Now, they’re down around 11%.

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