Success Story: Driving Transformation Through Sales Management Development

We want to share a brief story of a large organization in the financial services space. This organization realized that they needed to develop their sales managers; they were so important in helping drive the strategy to execution.

They needed to help their sellers adopt CRM and become more consultative. The leaders needed to become inspiring, to be able to manage a pipeline, and to be able to coach sellers on their behaviors and activities. They had never been trained against those objectives, so we created this really unique program for them where the managers actually sat through a 2-day, classroom session. That was followed by a 10-month reinforcement program and a one hour coaching call every month with all the managers.

We were able to create a community of practices, a knowledge-share environment where people all of a sudden raise their own bar, adopted the new practices, and were able to track the changes and the measurements. We actually achieved, on behalf of our clients, all the goals that they had given to us.

How You Sell Is the Last Advantage