Data-driven Approach Decreases Time to Results

Using subjective decision making for talent development and hiring decreases ROI

Sales leaders are confronted by a continuing challenge — low sales productivity. In the past year, quota attainment has dropped from 63% to 58%, and it takes too long for new reps to become productive – 69% of reps take 7+ months to ramp-up (CSO Insights).

According to TDWI Research, only 17% of sales leaders are leveraging a new competitive edge for impacting sales outcomes — talent analytics. Talent analytics are the new way of making talent decisions and professional development decisions; they provide the path from guesswork or subjective-based decisions to decisions based on factual data. Talent analytics create a new edge for sales leaders by:

  1. Statistically proving what differentiates top-performers
  2. Pinpointing where to target professional development for the greatest ROI
  3. Identifying who to hire to reduce ramp-up time
  4. For the sales leader leveraging talent analytics, sales productivity is up 20% – 30% and time to results are decreased significantly.

Our SPI-1 platform provides a data-driven approach to continual improvement that allows sales organizations to identify and focus on key performance drivers. SPI-1 enables sales organizations to:

Define the most appropriate competency models (by role) for their organization that can be leveraged for development and hiring
Identify gaps in critical sales competencies on an ongoing and continuous basis
Execute focused learning and behavioral activities, tailored to each individual seller
Support desired sales practices learning and behavior with guided selling technology
Monitor developmental progress and perform comparative analysis with up-to-date performance data
Decrease time to results

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