How to Get the Most From Strategic Account Management

In this video, SPI’s Mark Hilton explains what organizations need to do to get the most out of SPI’s strategic account management program. He notes, “Clients need to focus on the fact that this really is a business initiative. It isn’t a sales initiative. It isn’t just for account managers to improve the way they interact with their clients. It’s actually a way of helping organizations align themselves better towards their key accounts.”

Alignment needs to happen across an entire organization to best serve these accounts. Mark adds, “It goes across, not just sales, but it all the functions within an organization. So whether that’s product development, whether that’s marketing, whether that’s customer services, finance, by bringing a sharper focus on the needs of the key accounts, and aligning the organization around that, that enables organizations to bring much better value on a consistent basis to their key revenue-generating clients.”

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