SPI Announces new Healthcare Account Management Program

One of the most desirable sales skills in any industry today, but specifically in healthcare, is the ability to manage an account. Unfortunately, the talent pool is short on sales professionals that embody the characteristics of a successful account manager, and even fewer of them are able to make the leap to such a role.

According to Numerof (2015), “Prioritizing each account based on its potential and then working to optimize the value of the account requires a level of business acumen not commonly found among traditional sales reps trained to focus on a product’s features and benefits.”

To address this talent shortage, pharma organizations must focus on selecting the individuals whose existing skills, aptitude, and attitude are most aligned with the requirements of this role. Once identified, “to support a flexible customer engagement model, it’s important to ‘upskill’ [these] existing sales reps so they are able to elevate and extend the conversations they have with doctors and other stakeholders” (Accenture, 2015).

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Sales Performance International (SPI) is taking important steps toward helping life sciences organizations solve the following challenges associated with account management:

SPI’s dedicated life sciences practice is proud to release a new offering, Healthcare Account Management specifically for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

This program helps territory account managers, sales managers, and marketing leaders to collaboratively explore the positive impact that Healthcare Account Management may have on their ability to penetrate new revenue sources, nurture and grow relationships within the account, and defend the account from the competition.

For more information about Healthcare Account Management, please click here to download a complete program data sheet, or contact a life sciences consultant at 704-227-6500 or info@spisales.com.

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