How do I start using Solution Selling?

Have you ever asked this question?   There are so many tools and concepts in Solution Selling, which is great, but it can be overwhelming.  I had a customer ask this question of me just yesterday.  He is overwhelmed because he feels like he has to use everything they learned in training.

The answer is don’t try to use everything. One suggestion is to look at each of the sellers and identify either a skill or opportunity difficulty they may be facing.  Choose 1 Solution Selling tool that could help address it and coach them on how to include it, and then follow the deal through to see how it works out.  This will help the seller build more confidence in using this tool, and then you can add another one.

As a manager, you can also use the formula for a successful sale PxPxVxVxC as a way to question sellers about their opportunities.  You can do this debrief in 2 minutes, and that can help you identify where the seller may be struggling.  Once you know where they are struggling, then you can provide the right coaching.

This is one way to do it.  I believe everyone agrees there’s no one way to do things.  What else have others done?

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