How to Identify Your Compelling Differentiators

The key to positioning your capabilities to your prospect is to identify your most compelling, differentiated capabilities. This is so that you can emphasize those in your sales conversation.

Make a List

First, make a list of the capabilities that you think might be important to position to this prospect. As you do this, you may perhaps think beyond the normal set of capabilities that you might position – ones that you do not actively promote.

Is there a level of industry or subject matter expertise that you bring to the table? Are your terms and conditions or financial structure unique? What about the longevity and stability of your organization? Think about risk mitigation – is it something you’ve done before? Do you have testimonials? Are you, personally, a differentiator?

Keeping this in mind, you will hopefully have a broader set of capabilities to consider.

The Four Capability Categories

Your capabilities can fall into one of four categories.

  1. Low value and not unique
  2. High value but not unique
  3. Unique but not necessarily valuable
  4. High value and very unique

Make Yourself Different

These are your compelling differentiators. Map all of the capabilities on the grid to identify which ones will be compelling for your prospect. They will be the ones that fall into the upper right quadrant. However, consider how you might elevate the cool features or capabilities to be true differentiators during the sales conversation with a prospect by demonstrating value. Can you leverage references, case studies, success stories, or forms of research?

You should also consider how you might elevate core features or capabilities to be true differentiators as well. Is there some aspect of uniqueness of how the functionality is delivered or used that can be highlighted to add to the uniqueness when compared to a similar functionality?

Lead with your differentiated capabilities, but also strive to build the uniqueness of your core capabilities and the value of your cool capabilities to strengthen your position with the prospect.

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