Identifying Critical Competencies and Measuring ROI Through Talent Analytics

Doesn’t matter who you are – Sales Leader, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Marketing Officer. They’re all asking the same question: “Where shall we target our development – what are the most critical competencies for the individual sellers and managers?”

Use Analytics

You really have to be able to differentiate what key competencies and behaviors you need to focus on. You do this through analytics. With our approach, we use analytics to pinpoint which 2 or 3 out of 13 competencies, are going to have the biggest impact on the business outcomes that you want to achieve as an organization.

Different individuals in the same role may have different development plans. Through analytics, we can identify that perhaps one is working, and maybe one isn’t. What are the trends and the cause-effect relationships that they’re having? Is it working? If not, what adjustments do you need to make to an individual’s development plan to maximize their development and ultimately, the organization’s performance?

The point here is that we have a very defined process to assess all those things throughout the process. They’re not coming to you and saying, “Here’s how you did on this one assessment.”

We create an integrated picture around how all these things fit together and where you should pinpoint your interventions to help drive the bottom line that you’re looking for. We have proven the ROI of investing in learning and development.

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