New Sales Process Playbooks to Better Enable Sales Performance Improvement

Sales Performance International (SPI) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Sales Process Playbooks (SPP).

SPI-Sales Process Playbooks help accelerate sales methodology and process adoption through focused and visual sales execution that is aligned with critical sales competencies. Our technology guides sellers through each step of their sales processes and provides convenient access to quick, just-in-time learning, via integrated NanoLessons and easy to use SmartApps to enable effective sales execution.

Although SPI-Sales Process Playbooks provide considerable value to salespeople, sales managers also benefit. Organizations collecting information on sales activities, learning, and accounts in a standardized, systematic way create the opportunity to leverage that data to focus coaching time and resources.

Ken Cross, Director of Sales Enablement, shares, “We’re excited to release our new generation of playbooks into the market. We believe that the improvements we made will help our clients maximize the value of their investment in sales improvement.”

According to Robert Kear, VP of Innovation Development, “SPI listens carefully to our customers and buyers in the marketplace. I am very pleased with our ability to deliver a cost-effective solution that meets or exceeds client expectation.”

For more information on our SPP, please visit our Sales Process Playbooks webpage.

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