Video – How this Rock Star Preps for Executive-level Calls

SPI’s “Rock Star” Business Development Associate, Alyssa Fein, shares some secrets of her success. 

When it comes to cold and/or warm calling, most people hate it. However, it can help open up opportunities for your sales team. We would like to share some valuable advice for calling, which will also hopefully help to start a passion in you for it.

The best advice we could possibly give you is in regards to calling preparation.

Two Kinds of Calls

For call preparation, you want to divide your calls into two categories: calls for research and calls where you are trying to get an appointment or lead. What benefit does this yield? Depending on the call type, you will have a certain mentality as you go into each call.

The Research Call

If you are calling at the Enterprise level and know what company you are targeting, you want to get as many relevant contacts as possible. Think of it this way – if you were planning on breaking into a house, you would want to make sure that you locate as many doors as possible.

It’s okay if your contact isn’t the direct buyer, as long as they offer some sort of value and could possibly lead you to a direct buyer.

There are a couple of things that you will want to do when doing research.

  1. Use LinkedIn and search for your ideal target title. When you do that, look at the right-hand side of the screen. You will find a list of other related names. Look through those and read through their job descriptions to see how the individual explains themselves and their philosophy. This will help you determine if they’re someone who can help or align with you.
  2. When it’s a harder company, you can search for the title on a search engine like Google and peruse the resulting names.

One of the important things to try and get while doing research is their direct dial number. This will increase your chances of connecting with that individual by 30%. If there are no other ways for you to obtain the direct dial number, one method is to find out their extension numbers. The extension is often related to an individual’s direct dial line.

For example, if Company A’s number general is 678-1000 and the individual’s extension is 968, then you can test the number 678-1968. There is a high chance of it being a direct dial line. If you call and someone answers, then great. You can move forward with a conversation – just be prepared just in case. And if they don’t answer, listen to their voicemail. It will verify the direct dial line and oftentimes, people leave their cell phone numbers on their voicemail greeting as well.

Getting into any trouble for calling a mobile number is very rare nowadays due to their interchangeable nature in business with office lines.

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