How this Rock Star Prepares for Executive-level Calls – Part 2

If you missed part one, make sure to read it here!

In our first post about call preparation, we discussed the two types of calls: calling for research and calling to get an appointment or lead. We explored the calls for research more in-depth so now it’s time to dig deeper into the 2nd type of calls.

The Appointment/Lead Calls

First is to have 2 objectives: one for the individual and one for if you can’t reach them. The second one can be something like speaking to their executive assistant to find out when they’ll be returning.

With the second objective, let’s assume that you couldn’t get into contact but want to leave a voice message. After you leave a message, immediately send them an email as well. This increases the chances of receiving a response.

Alright, so let’s go back to the first objective. If you do manage to connect, do not ask them if you caught them at a good time. They’ll usually tell you no and that will be the end of it. Instead, if you state why you’re calling and say, “Unless I caught you at a bad time.” They are more likely to give you their time this way.

If you did catch them at a bad time, you should tell them that you completely understand and schedule a time to speak, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. If you are able to schedule a time, send them an Outlook or Gmail invitation. Twenty-four hours before the scheduled time, confirm by pressing “Send Again” on that Outlook/Gmail invitation.

Before Calling

Before you call, you should do a little bit of basic research on the intended target in preparation. Look at their LinkedIn or whatever else and look at not only their current job description but previous employers. Were they previously employed with either you or a current client of yours? Or, maybe even with a competitor of yours?

Change it up

One final piece of advice when trying to reach someone is to call in rotation. If you call in the morning the one day, call in the afternoon the next time, and so on. Do not always call within the same time frame each time.

We wish you the best of luck. Happy calling.

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