Research Introduction: What do the Most Successful New Sales Leaders do Best?

If you’re a new sales leader and want to know what the most successful new sales leaders do better than the rest, then you’re in luck because I have some insight.

At SPI, over half of our new clients are sales leaders who have been in their roles for less than 6 months. Many have been hired from outside of their new company, and several have even been hired from outside of their new company’s industry. Leading a sales organization is one of the most difficult and riskiest jobs in the company. Expectations are always high and time is of the essence. You must ramp up fast and develop a formula to hit your number. There are many things that you can do to help move the needle, but which activities and initiatives are most important?

The average tenure of any sales leader is about 22 months, which means the odds of success are stacked against you. For these reasons, we set out to study successful new sales leaders. We wanted to better understand what those who beat the odds did better than the rest. We also wanted to know what those who failed miserably did to sink themselves. We designed the survey and partnered with Selling Power Magazine to collect responses from salespeople and sales managers who experienced a new sales leader and to share that experience about what that individual did and what the most successful ultimately achieved.

Nearly 1000 people participated, making this the largest survey known of this kind. The results, which are available for download on our website, were very enlightening. In summary, the best new sales leaders did the following:

How You Sell Is the Last Advantage