Sales Performance Improvement Trends for 2018 and Beyond: Aligning Competencies with Strategy

We asked Sales Performance International executives and consultants what kind of changes we can expect to see for the sales profession in the coming new year and compiled their perspectives and opinions in our eBook, “Sales Performance Improvement Trends for 2018 and Beyond”.

Dr. Trevor Byrd is a Senior Data Scientist at SPI.

What major trend do you see in your area of sales or learning performance expertise?
More organizations are now connecting competencies to their organizational strategy. They are trying to get better clarity on organizational goals and objectives and the roles necessary to achieve these outcomes. Then, understand the capabilities of people in these roles to be successful.

What is causing this trend?
Leaders in these companies realize that learning and development can become a real enabler of strategy implementation. It is realizing where their people need to grow to make the organization’s strategy a reality.

What opportunities or threats does the trend pose for businesses and sales organizations?
The most significant opportunity is to ensure that the right people are in the right roles with the right capabilities to execute. Moreover, proactively identify any capability or developmental gaps and close these as soon as possible. This action helps to focus recruitment and developmental investment on the areas that will make the most impact for the organization.

In light of the trend, what advice do you have for business and sales leaders?
Leaders should define their strategy clearly and identify what competencies are necessary to execute. Then to understand how their existing team stands on those competencies and identify any negative gaps. Connecting competencies to strategy is a great step, but the value depends in part on the value of those competencies. Often, organizations will have generic competency models in place for their sellers that could apply just as well to other functions in the organization. You get even more value if you use competencies that are specific to the sales roles in your organization.

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