Sales Performance International Unveils SPI-1, Revolutionizing Sales Talent Development and Enablement

New solution helps sales leaders improve the capability and performance of their people faster, more precisely, and at lower cost than traditionally possible.

CHARLOTTE-September 8, 2016 — Sales Performance International (SPI), a leading sales training and sales force effectiveness consulting firm, has introduced SPI-1 today. The new solution helps sales leaders, sales effectiveness directors, and corporate learning and development managers to develop and enable salespeople and sales managers with better speed and precision, and at a lower cost than traditional sales force development programs.

Technological advancements, changes in workforce demographics, and pressure to demonstrate return on investment are pushing sales leaders and sales development professionals to consider new and better methods for developing sales teams. By 2020, nearly half of all U.S. workers will be Millennials1, and 85% of executives are under rising pressure to demonstrate outcomes from talent initiatives2. Additionally, the average tenure of a sales leader is still only about 24 months, which has not improved, despite the availability of thousands of new sales enablement tools.

SPI-1 is a sales performance improvement platform for developing and enabling sales talent. The solution incorporates four integrated modules — competency library and talent assessments, a complete sales training curriculum and adaptive learning system, sales process playbooks, and sales talent analytics. SPI-1 identifies developmental needs that matter most to individuals, accelerates learning and time to mastery, enhances sales execution consistency, and improves accountability and measurement.SPI-1-Datasheet-CTA

SPI-1 can be implemented in weeks rather than months, and costs a fraction of the individual pieces. The solution is fully mobile-enabled, and can be integrated in popular CRM systems or run as a stand-alone application.

“Launching SPI-1 represents the culmination of nearly 30 years of experience, learning what makes salespeople and organizations successful.” said Keith Eades, Founder and CEO of Sales Performance International. “We are proud to offer our clients a powerful solution to significantly improve sales performance and create more value from their sales teams.”

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1 Maximizing Millennials in the Workplace

2 Training Journal

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